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A madman is on the loose! Can you play his mind games and win? Can you catch him before he strikes again?


Strawman is a detective novel designed to teach readers to spot three specific cognitive biases in realistic situations and to employ effective strategies to limit their effects.


The book uses a gamebook format that forces readers to make decisions and enjoy success or suffer the consequences as they move through the story. This, coupled with realistic scenarios, crisp writing and the ever-present possibility of failure makes Strawman engaging and memorable.


"Readers are drawn into a compelling story arc that builds steam and brings it all together with a satisfying final mission that’s straight out of NCIS or 24."

-- Mark Chen, Author of Leet Noobs: The Life And Death Of An Expert Player Group In World Of Warcraft.


“An innovative, engaging read. With its unusual format and accessible writing style it’s perfect for high school or college crowds all the way up to professionals in the field."

--Josh Klein, hacker, author of Reputation Economics: Why Who You Know Is Worth More Than What You Have and host of NatGeo's The Link


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